Wreck Fishing Charters in Naples, Florida with Tandem Charters

Wreck Fishing Charters in Naples, Florida with Tandem Charters

Wreck fishing is one of my favorite things to do. Wreck fishing is when you fish over sunken wrecks. Wreck fishing is carried out from a charter boat. Wreck fishing is a lot of fun and your experienced captain certainly knows how to make it a successful endeavor. Wreck fishing is pretty simple, once you have your boat in the right place.


Wrecks can be anything from just a mile offshore to 35 / 40 miles offshore, which can mean that it will take several hours steaming to get to the chosen wrecks. Wrecks attract many fun and tasty fish to a concentrated location, providing anglers with a reliable fishing spot. Wreck hopping is very effective because you can just fish from spot to spot to spot, until you find a wreck holding some big and aggressive fish. Wreck fishingis usually a good way to hook up with something big that will really test thewilling angler.


This kind of fishing is highly recommended for children and family charters. Sportfishing charters to suit all ages and family groups. Our experienced and friendly charter fleet provides World Class Fishing at its Finest. Of all the different fishing techniques we fish on our charters, bottom fishing can be the most productive for a large catch of big game fish. For that ultimate fish trip in our paradise this is the charter for you.

Wreck fishing is another popular fishing charter we operate in Naples. Wreck fishing is done over submerged ships or boats, many known only to us. Wreck fishing is an exciting way to catch a variety of hard-fighting species, and you just never know what you’re going to pull up.

Captain Tony Di Sarro is a full time sport fishing charter guide, who is fluent in both Spanish and Italian. He has fished Florida’s West Coast in Naples since 1973. For more information on Offshore, Wreck & Reef Fishing visit Captain Tony DiSarro at Tandem Charters.com or call 239-250-5091.

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