Knife-wielding lady is fatally shot by authorities in longer seashore

A woman who was simply presumably wielding a blade and threatening people near a fast-food restaurant in extended Beach had been fatally shot Sunday by police. Authorities started getting reports of a female brandishing a knife about 11:15 a.m. near a Jack in the package …
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Find missing lengthy Beach female’s remains pops up bare, authorities say

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Excavations of a story of wilderness land in Kern County did not help authorities find the stays of a missing Long Beach lady on Thursday, but detectives are actually fielding extra phone calls which could help them uncover what took place whenever she vanished 16 years back.
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Research missing lengthy seashore woman’s continues to be arises bare, authorities say

Excavations of a story of desert land in Kern County did not assist authorities find the stays of a missing lengthy Beach woman on Thursday, but detectives are now actually fielding extra telephone calls might help them discover what took place when she vanished 16 years ago.
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