Wreck Fishing Charters in Naples, Florida with Tandem Charters

Wreck Fishing Charters in Naples, Florida with Tandem Charters

Wreck fishing is one of my favorite things to do. Wreck fishing is when you fish over sunken wrecks. Wreck fishing is carried out from a charter boat. Wreck fishing is a lot of fun and your experienced captain certainly knows how to make it a successful endeavor. Wreck fishing is pretty simple, once you have your boat in the right place.


Wrecks can be anything from just a mile offshore to 35 / 40 miles offshore, which can mean that it will take several hours steaming to get to the chosen wrecks. Wrecks attract many fun and tasty fish to a concentrated location, providing anglers with a reliable fishing spot. Wreck hopping is very effective because you can just fish from spot to spot to spot, until you find a wreck holding some big and aggressive fish. Wreck fishingis usually a good way to hook up with something big that will really test thewilling angler.


This kind of fishing is highly recommended for children and family charters. Sportfishing charters to suit all ages and family groups. Our experienced and friendly charter fleet provides World Class Fishing at its Finest. Of all the different fishing techniques we fish on our charters, bottom fishing can be the most productive for a large catch of big game fish. For that ultimate fish trip in our paradise this is the charter for you.

Wreck fishing is another popular fishing charter we operate in Naples. Wreck fishing is done over submerged ships or boats, many known only to us. Wreck fishing is an exciting way to catch a variety of hard-fighting species, and you just never know what you’re going to pull up.

Captain Tony Di Sarro is a full time sport fishing charter guide, who is fluent in both Spanish and Italian. He has fished Florida’s West Coast in Naples since 1973. For more information on Offshore, Wreck & Reef Fishing visit Captain Tony DiSarro at Tandem Charters.com or call 239-250-5091.

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Top 3 Charter Fishing Locations

Top 3 Charter Fishing Destinations

The fishing enthusiast, destination is crucial. Each destination needs the right mix of fish variety and great fishing areas, pure beauty, and option of quality charters, along with other enjoyable things you can do. A charter locations have actually some thing for everybody, making them ideal for family members getaways in addition to getaways with fishing friends.

Seward, Alaska

When it comes to harsh and durable kinds, Seward, Alaska may be the perfect place for charter fishing getaways. There are many companies in Seward, supplying a good selection of option whenever hiring a boat. The Alaskan seas around Seward’s Resurrection Bay have an abundance of seafood, including salmon, lingcod, and halibut. The gold Salmon Derby, the largest Alaskan fishing derby, is held in Seward annually. Seward offers many various other outdoor diversions besides charter fishing. It is fabled for the Mount Marathon Race, an extreme hill operating race presented each year. Hiking in your community is a well known goal, given Alaska’s unrivaled outside scenery and great variety in trail trouble. For anyone shopping for a more soothing activity, the Kenai Fjord nationwide Park is a breathtaking location to see from a single of the readily available touring ships.


The littlest African condition, Seychelles is an area country located off the East coast of Africa within the Indian Ocean. The nation is a number one promoter of sustainable tourism, leading to responsible charter fishing functions. Fishing within the Seychelles is diverse, including a number of the greatest sporting fish: marlin, tuna, barracuda, and sailfish. You can fish waters around either the Inner or perhaps the external isles. Tourism in general is an important Seychelles industry, plus the nation makes the nearly all of its natural splendor and diversity. Scuba is a good pastime across the red coral islands associated with archipelago, due to the fact government’s preservation plan features allowed marine life to flourish. The hawaiian islands themselves are residence to a remarkable number of pets, such as the endangered Seychelles Ebony Parrot and a rare species of huge tortoise.

Yorke Peninsula, Australia

The Yorke Peninsula is situated in hawaii of Southern Australian Continent, and boasts several of Australia’s many gorgeous beaches and greatest browsing locations. The charter fishing in the area provides an unbelievable number of variety, including squid, shark, salmon, snapper, whiting, and mullet. All quantities of sport fishing are on provide, from fun, family oriented coastline and jetty fishing to uncommon nighttime charter fishing that often leads to impressively size grabs. Aside from the attractive beach and liquid recreation tasks being offered, the Yorke Peninsula has a comprehensive assortment of land-based family members enjoyable available. Tours of the country by train, free animal parks and mining tours tend to be well-known, as well as walking through the peninsula’s scenic wilderness.

Better ensure you get your rods away!

Seychelles Charters is a UK based deluxe boat and fishing charter broker supplying charters in the Seychelles. The company prides itself in supplying its customers with a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ sailing and fishing knowledge all over the world’s most readily useful holiday destination. To get more on charter fishing go to www.seychellescharters.co.uk/seychelles-fishing

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Choosing Your Charter Fishing Boat

Choosing Your Charter Fishing Boat
If you are considering plans for your next fishing charter boat trip in New Orleans, you’re in luck. With more and more inside waters being reopened by the Louisiana Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries to recreational fishermen, the choices and opportunities regarding your next fishing adventure are virtually endless. But if you’re new to the game and don’t know quite where to begin looking for a quality fishing charter boat, you may have questions pertaining to the process and which companies are available and trustworthy in the field. It is for these people that this very article is dedicated.

When it comes to choosing a company for your fishing getaway, there are quite a few ways to go about the decision making process. Below, we will outline a few tips and tricks to get you booked and out on the water.

Step 1 – If you have fishing buddies who have worked with services in the New Orleans area in the past, call them up and partake in a discussion regarding the quality of their trip and whether they’d recommend the company. Find out about pricing, location, added perks and the overall experience to obtain a general feel for what you might expect from that specific organization. Word of mouth is always an excellent way to find quality services and this situation is certainly without exception.

Step 2 – Hop online and dedicate a portion of time to checking out reviews for fishing charter boat services in the New Orleans area. While it is somewhat of a niche market, there are a few sites available which provide prospective travelers a variety of resources including reviews, personalized accounts and ratings. In addition, many of these companies now have their own websites which will let you in on various service options, past fisherman testimonials, specific pricing information and any other areas that you might find of interest. Contact information should also be available.

Step 3 – Once you’ve checked out a few of the companies, your best option is to simply pick up the phone and get to know your potential crew. Keep a list of questions and concerns handy to ensure you cover all of your bases, and find out all the information you can regarding your future trip. How big are the boats? How long are the trips? What dates are available?

Step 4 – After you’ve spoken with each company, it’s time to make a decision. Chances are you’ve already got a pretty good idea of who you want to trust with the enjoyment of your adventure. Compare each company, the services they offer, pricing and availability and make your choice.

Step 5 – BOOK IT! Call your winner and inform them of your plans. Once you’re all set, it’s off to the supply shop!

Are you looking to take some time out? If so, maybe a New Orleans fishing charter might interest you? If you are looking for a great time, please see: http://neworleansstylefishingcharters.com/

Alaska Salmon Fishing Charter

Alaska Salmon Fishing Charter

If the genuine purpose of becoming a hobbyist will be challenge oneself, then it’s time and energy to go through the Alaska salmon fishing charter. You don’t have to bring those heavy equipments only for the sake of finishing the necessity, the fishing charter will provide any needs such as the motorboat and also the charter captain. But get to know the salmon fish very first just before go into the activity. You will find three forms of salmon which includes the master salmon or even the Chinook, silver salmon or the Coho, additionally the red salmon or perhaps the sockeye. These three are the same in breed but different in style and in size. Let us take the situation of king salmon, it steps at about 20 to 70 weight and it is the biggest among its type, the master salmon are the many after by anglers who desired to improve their abilities when you look at the task.


For Alaska salmon fishing charter , additionally get to know the gold salmon or also referred to as the Coho. Unlike the Chinook, Coho is slightly smaller and weighs around 8 up to 12 weight. As you’re able observe, Chinook and Coho are both daunting in size, however, with regards to covers the style, just the sockeye and/or purple salmon reigns. Its flesh are just like the buds of sweetest cherries, meaning it’s the many tasty one of the three. Not too-big however so delicious. As you have the idea in regards to the fish. After that let’s proceed to the fishing lodges or resorts. This the place where everybody enjoy the holiday, fishing lodge all together could be the place for rest, the place where best fishing spots are offered, and location to seek the best convenience.


Before you decide to forget, you also need the fishing equipments such as for instance baits, rods, and hooks, the employment of appropriate clothes normally considered, you ought to use light garments during fishing so that you wont think it is hassle to move.  As we all know Alaska is somewhere of wonders , so apart form the most wonderful area for fishing, guests are also amused utilizing the present of nature for instance would be the sceneries in addition to views that may make you cost therefore excited. Following is the abundance of wildlife both in land as well as in liquid. You are able to have the nearness of nature as you go with Alaska salmon fishing charter. Therefore attempt to get the plans that exist by the resorts to really have the most useful getaway ever before. don’t waste time investing getaway regarding beach without the thrill. It’s time to decide to try for cool stuff like fishing. Your family will surely enjoy the spot plus the comfort too. So what will you be waiting for? Check-out reservations or plan down for this following summertime. Could truly find true pleasure while you fly your way to Alaska.


The world of fishing awaits you in Alaska salmon fishing charter. Where many people are given the possiblity to obtain a good catch.


Chris Hanson is a specialist in Alaska Salmon Fishing Charter. He turned their passion for fishing into profession, he’s prepared to show you develop thoughts away from their good experience and knowledge. To find out more, check outwww.sitkapointcharters.com.

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